List Of The 5 Best Selling Refrigerators In 2016

Currently, refrigerator appliances are indispensable in every family. Are you preparing to purchase for their families a new refrigerator in order to keep beer? As long as you do not know which ones is most perfect to choose, this website will help you by suggesting the introduction of the top of the best beer fridge in the year of 2016.

The NR- BJ176SSVN Panasonic Beer Fridge

Panasonic NR-BJ176SSVN beer refrigerator is designed with 152 liters capacity, which is suitable for families with 3 or more people. Freezing drawer of the device is structured with a capacity of 99 liters cabinets; freezer cabinets own a capacity up to 53 liters, with extremely spacious chamber so that the user can leave a lot of frozen food as well as beer. Moreover, this large freezer also helps you do a lot of rocks.

Compared to the refrigerator models with the equivalent capacity, the Panasonic NR-BJ176SSVN beer fridge are considered to have the “giants” containers, which is very suitable for families wishing to store more food in the freezer.

RT20FARWDSA / SV Beer Fridge

The RT20FARWDSA Samsung beer refrigerator SV is on the device whose outer shell is made of stainless materials with high durability. The device is structured with the capacity up to 203 liters that is really suitable for families with 4 or 5 members. In addition, the machine is also produced with the multi-dimensional cooling technology to help the process of cooling efficiently with cold air to escape evenly, throughout every corner inside the cabinet.

Filter Deodorizer eliminates harmful bacteria and unpleasant odors arising from food in the cupboard. Moreover, the fridge also uses cooled inverter technology in order to helps fast, energy-efficient and quieter operation. In particular, the regime of Mr. Cool Pack can be capable of maintaining cool to 8 hours when power outages occur helping to ensure the quality of food preserved in the cabinet.

Aqua AQR-S185BN SN Beer Refrigerator

AQR-S185BN SN Aqua beer refrigerator is structured with the large capacity up to 180 liters. With large capacity refrigerator is really suitable for 4-5 person family. It is reviewed that the cooling capacity up to 165 liters refrigerator is relatively large capacity storage for your comfort food in greater numbers.

AQR-U185BN SN Aqua beer fridge supports bactericidal function and deodorant Ag + Nano Fresh. Cold air blows cold air multidimensional to all corners of the cabinet to help better preserve foods.

The Sharp SJ-172E-SS Beer Refrigerator

The beer refrigerator Sharp SJ-172E is a fridge freezer in a compact design, with a total tonnage of 165 liters suitable for families of 4 to 5 members. Cabinets are equipped with indirect cooling technology; the method of circulating air, cold air is guaranteed the same in the food compartment.

Therefore, the cooling performance of this cabinet is cooled by a better and homogeneous. Refrigerators equipped deodorant antibacterial technology Ag + Nano Sharp helps fight bacteria and destroy them more thoroughly. Refrigerator Sharp SJ-172E with modern as well as the impressive design deserves a smart choice to serve the needs of your family use.

Panasonic NR-5 BM179SSVN Beer Refrigerator

Panasonic NR-BM179SSVN beer refrigerator is made with simple design, elegant color, harmony, matching many different interior spaces. Refrigerator with a total tonnage of 152 liters with freezer 53 liter and 99 liter freezer is suitable for families with 2 or 3 members or single people.

Panasonic NR-BM179SSVN beer refrigerators use the cooling technology based on the cold air Panorama with arcs, powerful cooling and efficiency anywhere inside refrigerators from compartment to compartment cool winter. Overall, the Panasonic NR-BM179SSVN refrigerator is capable of cooling, freezing, and antibacterial, deodorizing good, save energy, suitable for those who want to own a refrigerator midrange, yield and quality stable salary.

Above is about the top five of beer refrigerators sold with the highest turnover in January 3/2016. Hopefully this article will help you have more information when buying a fridge.

For getting more and more detailed information as well as the product description about new beer fridge models, please update our website daily for having the general overview about the different types of patterns as well as assisting yourself to make the right decision in terms of choosing the right device.