How to choose a gate opener for your house

oday, gate opener has become a popular choice of many people when they want to build, repair or upgrading their house. As its name, gate opener is designed with main feature to help users open and close the gate without having any difficulty. According to automatic gate opener reviews, this device is really helpful to help users improve feature of the house. Most of people usually feel confused when choosing this device therefore in this article; we will give you some tips to help you choose a suitable gate opener for your house. 

1. Basic knowledge about gate opener

There are many different types of gate opener on the market however basically an automatic gate opener has to be designed based on one of two main principles: a hydraulic system or an electromechanical system. Gate opener will help users open and close the gate completely automatically. In addition, using gate opener also means that you will have a system to ensure safety and security for your house or office. Some types of gate opener will be designed with feature to allow users controlling and monitoring gate opener.

Benefit of this device is very clear. Firstly, one of the biggest benefits of this device is to ensure safety and security for users. For example, with the heavy gates, opening and closing this gate is usually very dangerous and difficulty but with an automatic gate openers, everything will be solved very easily. It will automatically open and gate whenever someone come near to the gate and especially if there is any obstacle at gate in closing process then it will automatically prevent the gate closing to ensure safety users – this thing is very helpful to ensure safety for users especially with children. Most residential gate is swing gate openers however some people usually choose a slide gate opener at your house for convenience when moving.

2. Some notes when choosing gate opener

Next, you need to determine type of gate opener which you want to choose. There is many different brands of this device on the market and each brand will have own device however we can classify gate opener into three main types including swing gate opener, slide gate opener and solar gate opener.

About swing gate opener, this type is designed with a swing arm or ram arm with feature to open and close the gate. Therein, swing arm will have main mission to open the gate – an arm with length from control box to gate and ram arm will have main mission to close the gate by using a hydraulic piston or jackscrew piston. The pistons will be mounted in the gatepost. Swing gate opener can be designed as a single or dual opener therefore user can choose depending on requirement of the gate. Power of swing gate opener is not strong as slide gate opener therefore a swing gate opener will be suitable choice to ensure safety for users at residential place. A swing gate opener can be controlled through a telephone or keypad entry system therein a telephone can operate as a contact system to control this device. Therefore, swing gate opener is also suitable choice when you want to choose a new garage door for your house.

About slide gate opener, this type is designed with a chain – in operation process, this chain will pull to make the gate open then the chain will release to make the gate close. Normally, slide gates are heavier than swing gate opener therefore it will require higher power to operate however this gate is also dangerous more than swing gate therefore you should consider about weight and power of this when choosing a slide gate. A slide gate opener will provide for users some safe feature such as photo beam system – this system will monitor the movements near the door and it will automatically stop operation of the door when necessary to ensure safety for users.

About solar gate opener, this type is designed to use solar energy therefore it will be suitable choice if you do not have electric source or electric source is limited. This device is good choice for environment and your budget.