How to buy and use the best gas stoves for family?

When the life is increasingly improved, the need of using gas stoves to save time and to have more convenience makes so many homeowners always select them in their kitchen. However, the choice to have a good safe one in using always is the question being posed, and there is no one can answer (best smokers).

1, Regarding to the choice of gas stove: According to the advisory of many shopkeepers in gas stove store, to limit the regrettable risk can happen, the housewife should buy gas stoves in large, reliable, reputable stores. You have many choices with well-known brands of Japan, Italy such as like Paloma gas stove, Rinnai one and so on…

2, For gas: Consumers should buy gas at the store, the official agent of the company gas. Also, when buying gas to test heat-shrink sealing, anti-counterfeiting stamps still be taken on the gas bottle valve.

3, Along with that, you should check on crest of the gas stove that is embossed with gas brand name, the word plays a handle on the gas sank to coincide with the brand name printed on the body of the gas cylinder to ensure genuine.

Because the reality on the market is the misappropriation of gas tank cover of well-known brands, in which they grind and recoat embossed letters on them and make their gas tanks of brands. Thin shells will be grinded that increases the risk of gas leaks, reduces the vapor pressure of flammable and explosive gas.

Consumers are also particularly wary of terrible promotions: many consumers have been cheated when buying gas only counterfeit trademark average volume of gas in half the volume of genuine gas, to receive gifts promotional gifts that are worth only a quarter of the volume of gas from fraud. When you choice a gas stove that meets the average standard, you also need pay special attention to the manual in order to avoid the unsafe conditions and avoid gas leakage.


Some useful tips for keeping the safety as using gas stove

  • The first thing should to be noted here is that consumers should lower average kitchen stove (the standard average is 1.5 m) and place upright, well-ventilated spot, lower kitchen and not place face down or horizontally, to ensure safety.
  • Do not use large bottomed pot cooking on the mini gas stove since large bottom pot might make gas frame covered down gas stove, which is unsafe for the user.
  • Also, the customers should also note that they should not cook so long and continuously for long periods on the gas stove because when cooking constantly for a long time, heat from the fire will affect the gas cylinder. This makes the internal pressure increases, easily lead to explosive gas cylinder.
  • To save gas, the housewife should prepare food always available before cook each dish, the cook repeatedly avoided to cool then turn it back to the kitchen to prepare something else, many times will turn kitchen gas consumption futile.
  • Also, you should adjust the flame so that the bottom of the pot stands at 1/3 flame and medium pot bottom area. It is better to avoid flames surrounding the boiler because it would cause energy consumption to around useless heat.
  • Do not get gas stove in windy places or close to the fan towards the use of gas stoves for cooking.
  • Another issue that consumer should consider to is not to use a too old gas stove, and also need to periodically check or replace a new gas stove. When using about 5 years-as the average duration, you need to replace the cable. However, this period also depends on the environment, as well as on demand of usage and assistance of replacement and maintenance station periodically family kitchen.
  • If you do not use the stove and stand near the door, the window, then you quickly open them to get ventilation and try to shut the valve cylinder. You also can use a hand fan to fan to rapidly reduce the concentration of gas in the air slightly below explosive limits.

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