Help You Choose The Best Fish Finder

Sometimes we need to see the fishing line color, on the other hand we do not want fish found fishing line, the outcome we have to choose appropriate purchase a fishing line in the best conditions for us.

To go fishing effectively, you need to have a finder. But how to choose the best portable fish finder?  Now we will help you choose this product effectively.

Wire White / Blue Sparkle

Sun makes light up the color of the water to wire for easy wire sees the question, at once throwing as well as winding or at Andrew. Under the water, the white wire is still almost invisible fish friable.


The dim underwater and this is good for the majority of the water in which the fish difficult question because the fish do not want to bite too much or because the individual should do more wisdom

Fuzzy mixed in: In the waters of the lake or in some water, and this color wire useful in the waters of truth in or if you know where to fish even though it seems to not want to eat the bait

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fishing

Gold glare: bright yellow color to easy when we see fish feeding or to distinguish the position many different fishing lines when we dragged by boat or pray for the stream. Should use this wire at dusk sky, foggy or night

Rigid And Flexible

Normally, the more hard wired as surely. More flexible wires are designed specifically for some of the machines easier to toss wide waters that few obstacles like trees or rocks. Normally wire diameters as large as hard, of course, when hard wires are empowered.

Check And Replace The Regular Wire

Regularly inspect or replace the wire is very important but often overlooked. Many people who suffer from the cord when the fish bite. Wire off for many reasons, such as exposure to sunlight or high temperatures for a long time so poor strength wire; Wire scratched when cut into rocks, stick or foot wharf …

Fishing Charges

Check periodically by running wires between your fingers. If you feel any traces departed, a cut fiber or twisted tracks please cut out that part and column immediately resumed.

All kinds of fishing line should be checked and replaced if necessary. Because during use, reels off wet and then dry over time, we finally cracked and worn. Depending on the frequency of questions to decide whether or not replaced regularly. For professional angler or the coach they replaced almost every day. People who spend most of the time for fishing is replaced weekly or monthly. The general rule is to wire up every year.

How to cross wires with a question

Machines horizontal question and the machine is easy to wire trolling question, just ask one assistant. When on line, should remain moderate and are hand. Always keep the wire tension wire clamp by gently between your thumb and forefinger to prevent loose wires can cause complications later.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fishing

Following way: Use a pencil through the new coil to wire flush smoothly during the filming of the receiver line. Get help keep your pencil while rotating winding machines into reservoirs. Helper should maintain gentle pressure on the wire to prevent the wire flush too fast, too much. Always keep tension wire winding machine during the drive.

Do not allow wires to be jam-packed, just the outer edge of the disk containing the wires about 1/4-inch.

How To Wire To The Machine Stand

Due to the machine’s reservoir stood wire does not rotate, you should use the following methods to prevent the wires from twisting:

Pull the old wiring in the machine until there is enough room for new wires. If the machine is new or if you want to completely new wiring in machine use to style knotted tie Knot Arbor new on the machine’s wiring reservoir.

Fishing Charges

If you do not want to use the old cord again, leave a little wire in the tube before the new tie. Hold on tight rope by hand. Turn on the machine for wire tubes slowly to have a very strong and sound tube. With these choices, check and replace charges on fishing, anglers hope will be effective fishing trip, have moments of relaxation with its leisurely pleasures

Robert Carlson, the founder of, he has passion with outdoor activities, especially with fishing.