An Overview Of Meat Slicers For The Best Performance

There is no doubt that the meat slicers today has become indispensable equipment in the restaurant, hotel, rice, and noodle shop or food processing areas of the supermarket. However, not everyone knows how to use meat slicers for safety and effectiveness. In this article, the author will share the meat slicer reviews for the users to get more info about the know-how in using this machine.

In general, the slicer equipment is easy to use, high safety, the machine is fully automated operation. The machine can move or form stringy meat slices depending on the needs of the user. In addition, the blades can be adjusted basing on the thickness of the slices you want to move. You will know more about the operation mechanism of this device as following.

How To Remove And Refill The Blade Of Meat Slicer

The removable replace or clean meat blades must comply with the following:

– Make sure the machine is completely unplugged.

– Wear gloves or use a towel to avoid direct contact between the hand and the meat blades to guard the hand against being cut by the blade.

– The assembly process must manipulate slowly and gently to avoid dropping the blade resulting in chipped blades.

How To Use The Blade For The Long-Lasting Purpose

– Limit to cut pieces of meat, which may be too hard.

– Less slicing acidic foods such as pineapple thorn as it will accelerate blade to be footworn.

– We should clean the machine and blade after finished using.

– Avoid abusive sharpening the blade on a regular basis, when you really need, you should do this task.

How To Use Raw Meat Slicer

Step 1: Check the cord, the power cord, machine, blade, the meat cutting compartment (not to leave any outside object in the slot of the blade).

Step 2: Switch the power

Step 3: In the meat slot, you should put to a tray for meat storage .

Step 4: Put the meat into the slot of the slicer to cut the meat. With these models have 2 or more sets of blades; you should put the meat into the right slot.

Step 5: Get the meat and use. To use fibrous meat, you take the meat, which has sliced to arrange, and place perpendicular for the second cutting times.

Note The Use Of Raw Meat Slicer

– Do not leave in the place near children; do not put the machine in damp places.

– Do not use the machine to cut the meat too soft or too hard, such as bones, pig ears, fat. If you cut this meat, it will damage the blade.

Preservation And Hygiene The Meat Slicer

You can use 2 large and small spray bottles, for the large bottle you put the clean water, for the small bottle, you put dishwashing liquid mixed with water.

First, you turn on the machine operation to clean the blades in the water bath by placing the water bottle in the meat slots, use a small spray bottle prepared to use for the blade, then using a large spray bottle to wash once.

Next, you can turn off, wipe dry with a clean towel, wipe the greasy parts of the body.

Principle Of Operation And Safety When Using Meat Slicers

– Check meat slicers, blades, and the compartment of meat slicing. Ensure no object remains in the bay of the blade.

– Check the plug and power cord to ensure safety before plugging in the power cord. The power cord must be regularly checked, avoiding dangerous leak electricity for the users.

– For meat slicers, stay way the areas of children or humid places. When the machine is operating, absolutely do not let the children approach the area of the machine.

– Do not put your hands on the table position when the machine is running because it will bring the danger for individuals.

– When the meat slicer is running, if want to give another piece of meat, you must shutdown the machine, then put the meat on the table area in a straight position and then start the machine.