3 Quick Notes About Buying The Best Head Unit


The most important component of the car stereo system is the head unit, which actually controls the overall function of the sound system. It is not to mention that this is the device that people notice firsthand when they sit in the car. Therefore, buying the best double din head unit for the money is a very important decision to make.  However, choosing one is not easy because there are many options in the market, plus the technology is constantly upgraded to turn out new additions.

Let’s be honest: if we go into technical aspects of head units, the buying guide will be super long and it is not easy for beginner to digest all information. In this guide, we only hope to focus buyers’ attention on three main issues:

Size Truly Matters

Obviously, the head unit you choose must fit your car.  There are two main options for you:

  • Single DIN car head unit is 180 x 50mm in size. Even if you want to upgrade to a double unit but your space I limited, you have to settle with another single DIN car stereo instead. This type of head unit will limit your options for car stereo functions considerably.
  • Double DIN car head unit is 180 x 100mm in size; it is not only larger but provides a well of options for the car stereo system. This is the best choice if you look for advanced options and extra features for the best sound quality and convenience.

Making The Compromise Between Budget And Quality

You know the saying: You get what you pay for. With more cash to spend, you can take comfort and quality to the next level for sure.  However, a good head unit is not necessarily the one that breaks your bank because that depends on whether you really need fancy bells and whistles or not.  Here are a few things you should take note:

  • Sound Quality: Sound quality is often the most important factor to look for in a car stereo. There is no shortcut for this: budget-priced head units can provide good sound quality but they can hardly top high-end units which claim to offer sound perfection. These high-end units generally come with very high quality built-in amplifiers for excellent sound output.
  • Ease Of Use: This is also an area where the difference in price truly shows. Expensive head units make sure to provide the users with interfaces that are very easy to read and operate (touch screen, remote control). With a tighter budget, you can still choose a decent head unit with relatively user-friend interface for your car.
  • Aesthetic aspect: People can pay a good sum of money just for the cool look and that applies with head unit too. Be prepared to pay more if you want your head unit to look good and stand out.

Considering Your Usage Purpose: Only Music Or What?

Modern stereos can do much more than just help you listen to music from CDs. There are various options as follows:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: this is a must-have feature if you want the head unit to interact with other devices like your smart phone or table. When you want to stream music from your phone to the head unit, you should take note of the internal storage capacity too.
  • App control: for people who want to control their smart phone is the head unit, this is no doubt is an exciting feature to own.
  • For convenience, you may want to pocket money for the touch screen GPS navigation feature.
  • Though not essential, DVD or Blu-ray playback is a nice feature to have so that you can view videos in your car too.

Author Note: When you look at a car, the shinny, cool exterior is what catches your attention first. However, it is the interior that actually matters more because it decides whether the people in the car will have an enjoyable or uncomfortable driving experience. People can spend a great deal of money on the interior to make sure that they can feel like home in their own car: they wish to eat, drink, relax and sleep in their car with comfort. Car interior is the topic that Leroy Simmons – a specialist in car interior – loves to talk about the most. Through his articles, he would love to share his experience and tips about car interior.